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OPEN HOUSE LISBOA 22 | Trienal de Arquitetura

Guided Tours of the Cultural Center

14 — 15 May 2022
10am - 7pm

— By a volunteer
1 per hour;

— By a specialist
Saturday and Sunday:
12pm and 3pm by Alda Galsterer, Fernando Belo and Filipe Borges de Macedo.

​- Back of My Hand;
​- A arte de (car)pintar.

Inside it has been renovated and the face on the outside has been washed. It was once a carpentry shop, but now it has been occupied by a cultural centre. And how has it been transformed after all?

A creative visit with relaxed challenges for children aged 6 to 12 years old made together with people who are blind or have low vision, or cognitive disabilities.

Booking by email until May 12:

Conception and mediation: Triennale's Education Service with support from Locus Acesso and volunteer team

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