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Opening: July 14
6pm - 9pm

Exhibition: 14.07 - 21.08
2pm - 8pm

LABORATORY HUNI KUIN is a project situated between Europe and the Amazon that researches art as ritual and ritual as art. The viewer is invited on an artistic-shamanic journey through a multichannel vídeo installation of three sections. It begins with the video THE SPIRIT OF GNOSJÖ and ends with the video TWO. In and between both there is a deeply oneiric and poetic environment, with several layers of meaning, in a quest for identity (the Self and consciousness) and alterity (the Other and unconsciousness).
Reality and fiction intersect in different spaces and times: searching for the shadows of something essential in the spoils, creating enigmatic computer games, participating in rituals of the Huni Kuin people in the Amazon, dancing in a European museum to decolonise mummified indigenous bodies, saying emotional goodbyes at a party in Lisbon, playing with a child in the fields of Sweden, following two ex-lovers on a journey through Italy, walking through an artist's studio and, during the pandemic, revealing a community through their own machines, the desire for healing and the footsteps of those whom the disease has taken.

LABORATORY HUNI KUIN: TWO AND THE SPIRIT OF GNOSJÖ is part of the programming vector For the eyes but not only.

Rui Mourão (1977, Lisbon) is an artist and researcher in artistic studies. He makes video art relating to audiovisual anthropology, writing, installation and performance. He studied arts at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and at the Centre for Cinematographic Studies in Catalonia; at the Maumaus School, in Lisbon; and at the Malmö Academy of Arts, in Sweden. He did a post-graduation in Digital Visual Cultures and an MA in Anthropology, both at ISCTE. He is currently a PhD student in Artistic Studies at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, with a grant from FCT. He received the audience award at FUSO - Lisbon International Video Art Annual (2010), the Associação Portuguesa de Antropologia award for best audiovisual essay (2019) and honorable mentions in experimental film categories at the Art Film Awards (2021), the Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival (2021) and VIFF - Venice Intercultural Film Festival (2022). He participated in GIBCA Extended - Gothenburg International Biennale of Contemporary Art (2021). He has participated in several artist residencies, collaborations, conferences, articles and books. He has exhibited in more than 100 exhibitions, festivals and shows in 17 countries.

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