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Jazz DAO x Miradouro de Baixo

concerts + dj sets

June 5, 2022
1pm - 11.30pm

Jazz DAO are an organisation supported by NEAR Foundation which runs an environmentally friendly and socially conscious blockchain. For the launch event there is concerts and djs sets at Miradouro de Baixo, Sunday June 5, from 1pm to 11.30pm. Host:

Whole Ball of Wax:
Originally from Milan, where he co-founded Officina Radio, WBoW moved to Lisbon in 2018, finding a fertile playground for sharing his eclectic sound. One third of the Jazz DAO collective, he'll be in charge of setting the mood for the day with his favourite Jazz tunes, spanning from the 70s to the present days.

Karl Godard:
Karl is a composer and A.I. scientist from Paris & London. As a composer, he was one of the disciples of free jazz pioneer and Black Panther Sunny Murray, who needs no introduction. Karl matured his craft with the Parisian experimental band Tanger. Mentored by Larry Debay who has amongst others managed Nico from the Velvet Underground, the band was swfitly signed to Mercury-Universal. He has amongst others performed with The Master Musicians of Jajouka.

João Spencer (bass), Léo Vrillaud (keys) Vicente Booth (guitar) and João Romão (drums) crossed paths with each other between academic studies, music studies, trips to Hot Club in search of jazz wisdom and, specially, night clubs where they surfed the waves of contemporary hip-hop and multiple electronic speeds. Mazarin starts from jazz, surrounds a classic boom bap, but features a distinct musical identity resulting from countless hours on stage, in constant search of a unique, individual sound that doesn’t copy accents from Chicago or London, and that proudly dashes the southern palate, from where they come, and the capital’s contemporary swing, which they adopted. Mazarin are from here, no doubt about that.​

Julia Baker:
Julia is a DJ, ethnomusicologist, radio/audio producer and live music programmer. She plays an eclectic selection of music from around the world, blending sounds from near and far, old and new. Julia is originally from the UK where she spent almost a decade living in South London in the midst of the burgeoning UK Jazz scene which has become another passion of hers, as well as working in programming for one of the most renowned music venues in London, the Barbican Centre.

AR|RA is a new project formed by Filipe Souza, Kate Smith & Nuno Veiga. For this event, they are joined for the first time by Karl Godard on drums, for a jazz/experimental session of the highest quality.

Mr. mute
Free entry on donation - all revenues will support the project and future events.

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