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HANAMI | Filipa Peraltinha

29 — April 30, 2022
9 pm

The glimpses of memory that scar us, and the ones we recall with accurate detail, are always scarce and thin when compared with the sum of all things. The episodes in which life steals our breath, due to extreme joy or commiseration, hit us with far more brutality, and the body becomes a recipient for overwhelming emotions like loss, dread or vertiginous love .

The in betweens, the remaining time, none of these are extraordinary, because they have no weight, no voice, no texture. It’s just life running by, without us feeling it as our own. We are more ourselves when we are restless.

So we find ourselves in this place, tied to the walls we´ve carved, with more or less volume, like a living showcase of a humanity that urges to be revisited, staging the artist’s existence as an isolated, rare and erratic being.

Hanami is also a rant about belonging and the contemplation of the ephemeral.
Our audience is not bound to stay, linger, nor even to remain in the same place. This piece is an invitation.

Hanami is an ancestral Japanese tradition which contemplates the ephemeral beauty of the blossoming of cherry trees.


Concept, choreography, costumes, scenography and text
Filipa Peraltinha

Catarina Casqueiro, Filipa Peraltinha

Creation and musical performance
Artur Guimarães, Rodolfo Cardoso

Light design
Hugo Franco

Production coordination and assistance
Catarina Alves

Voz off
Fanni Foldvari, Filipa Peraltinha

Joana Linda

Graphic design
Marta Furtado

Força de Produção

Carpintarias de São Lázaro

Conservatório de Música e Artes do Dão
Catarina Peraltinha
Conceição Sousa,
Noemia Azevedo
Fanni Foldvari

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