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Altri venti — Ostro | Apresentação Bruna Esposito - Prémio Italian Council

Bruna Esposito's project presentation

May 16, 2022
6.30 pm

Presentation of the project by the Italian artist Bruna Esposito "Altri Venti - Ostro", winner of the IX edition of the prestigious "Italian Council 2020" - prize awarded each year by the Italian Ministry of Culture - as the conclusion of an international journey that began in New York's Magazzino Italian Art and continued in Buenos Aires on the occasion of the Bienalsur.

After the projection of a docu-film (7') about the work, the artist will talk with Giulia Lamoni, independent researcher and curator (Institute of Art History - New University of Lisbon) and with Giovanbattista Tusa, philosopher and researcher in Contemporary Ecologies (Institute of Philosophy - New University of Lisbon).

Fernando Belo, director of Carpintarias de São Lázaro and Stefano Scaramuzzino, director of the Italian Institute of Culture in Lisbon, will intervene, inviting to a dialogue on the themes of sustainability, frugality, simplicity and poetic and political commitment, addressed in Bruna Esposito's project.

Ostro is the first of several variations on a theme designed to evoke the warm winds of the Mediterranean, such as the libeccio, sirocco, and grecale.

The installation consists of a gazebo made of natural materials such as bamboo canes and rope: the welcoming space is warmed by the breeze created by a solar-powered ceiling fan, and also features several ship propellers (a recurring motif in Esposito’s work).

The work is borne out of a synergy of various areas of research, bringing to life the artist’s vision – and increasingly explicit conviction – that only to eliminate the distances between people and the tools used to improve the standard of living, we can image a radical change of direction in favor of a more ecological approach. In this way, we will stop the excessive use of consumer goods, as for example the condition air.

The work is presented as a device aiming to reinvigorate the space, imbuing it with new, possible relationships, reflections, and meanings. At a time when the subject of “meeting” is as topical as ever, the artist offers us a space to rest, a break that becomes an encounter. Ostro is a political and poetic exhortation: an invitation to take stock of the impact of our actions and consider the inevitability of other choices, as well as the power of simplicity; it is an ode to ancient, frugal alternatives.

Altri Venti – Ostro was shown at STUDIO STEFANIA MISCETTI in Rome. On the occasion of the exhibition, the book Altri Venti was published, featuring contributions by the artist, Benedetta Casini, Arkfactory.

Itinerary of exhibitions and talks:
Magazzino Italian Art, New York (USA) - May / September 2021
Bienalsur, Buenos Aires (Argentina) - October / January 2022
Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Lisbon e Carpintarias de São Lázaro (Portugal) - May 2022
Centro per l'arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato (Italy) - Spring 2022


Realized thanks to the support of:
Italian Council
Direzione Generale Creativita Contemporanea

Promoted by:
Studio Stefania Miscetti

Cultural Partnerships:
Magazzino Italian Art
Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo de America del Sur
Instituto Italiano de Cultura de Lisboa
Centro Pecci
Tools for Culture

In collaboration with:
Carpintarias de São Lázaro

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