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A Idade da Liberdade | GERADOR

March 31 & 7 | 14 | 21 April

On March 24th we celebrate 17,500 days of freedom, and finally democracy overcomes by one day the time we lived under dictatorship in Portugal.

The Age of Freedom is an initiative by Gerador which, between March 24 and April 25, proposes to reflect on the importance of the 25th of April and the consequences for young people today, in a program that includes conversations, a book club, workshops, special reports, and even a study with young people from all over the country.

​The Age of Freedom is part of We'd like to add programming category of Carpintarias de São Lázaro.

This line of programming promotes conferences, debates or seminars on topics such as innovation and sustainability, 21st century ethics, historical contexts and their reconciliation, digital society, new economic models, and all issues that relate to other ways of life and society.


​— 31 MARCH : April 25. What are the consequences for today's youth? with Cátia de Carvalho, Guadalupe Amaro, João Gabriel Ribeiro and Leonor Caldeira;

— APRIL 7 : Democracy and digital. What is the impact of new technologies on democracy? with Diogo Queiroz de Andrade, Inês Narciso and Rita Espanha

​​— APRIL 14 : What is our democracy doing to repair the damage of colonialism? with Aurora Almada and Santos, Leonor Rosas and Rodrigo Saturnino

​​— APRIL 21 : Electoral system: what are the challenges for the country interior with Luís Filipe Madeira and Sónia Sá

Entrance is free, subject to registration.

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