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5 Anos - Conversa

with Gonssalo and the authors of the video installation '5 anos (des)construção (re)construção' - by Miguel Gaspar, Isabel Medeiros and João Garcia Neto, about the 5 years of the first exhibition at Carpintarias de São Lázaro.
December 17th
6:30 pm

The work had as starting point the video recording of the dismantling by the public of the site-specific "Showroom" by the Cuban artists Los Carpinteros. In a phantasmagoric exercise, the installation returns to the space some of the "original" gestures and elements of the work. These now re-enter, through images and sounds, in a dialogue with the space, beyond the physical environment. Visitors are invited to interact with the projected images, in a performative exercise of memory. The result is not a mere recreation, but a mutant landscape that, from the past, summons up something new. The work deconstructs the documentary side of the captured images and addresses the idea of construction-deconstruction-recreation."

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