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OPEN HOUSE LISBOA | Trienal de Arquitectura

25 - 26 September, 10am - 7pm

Saturday and Sunday: 10am-7pm (free visits)

with a volunteer
every 30 minutes*
*except when there is a visit by a specialist

with a specialist
Saturday and Sunday: 12pm and 3pm
Fernando Belo;
Alda Galsterer;
Filipe Borges de Macedo;


#architecture #space #openhouse #design

Open House Lisboa (OHL) offers the wider public free access to the city’s architecture. Over a weekend, and through a new itinerary every year, OHL celebrates the best examples of architecture all over the city, from private to public spaces, contemporary or historic. It promotes a dialogue and an approach to reference architecture and design of spaces that sustain a vibrant city to live, work and learn, through visits to spaces usually inaccessible to the public eye, urban itineraries unveiled by specialists and even sound walks you can do at any time. With a wide variety of spaces and the Junior and Plus programmes, and accessible tours, you can choose what appeals most to your curiosity, interest or convenience. It’s in your hands!

For more information: Open House Lisbon website

This building housed an industrial carpentry since 1929 and is located at the Rua de São Lázaro, a winding road that bridges the gap between Martim Moniz and Desterro. In the interior spaces, the intervention reveals a structure in concrete and keeps the wide spans to the west and to the slopes of Mouraria and Graça. The main entrance is between floor -1 and floor 0 and the access to the mezzanine and the roof is made through the white volume of a metal spiral staircase, that stands out from the raw concrete. The Carpintarias de São Lázaro is a multidisciplinary Cultural Center, open to the city and focused on the contemporary. It showcases projects from the areas as diverse as the visual and performing arts, music, cinema and gastronomy, and has a philosophy of integration through culture and knowledge. The aim of this project is to add a complementary place to the existing cultural scene of Lisbon. Its ambitious and avant-garde program fosters creativity, innovation and multidisciplinary crossovers to bring people, communities and knowledge closer together.

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