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Zone W/O People :: Oklou & Krampf

Performance / Live AV Project

Zone W/O People :: OKLOU & KRAMPF

06.05.2019, Monday | 9:30pm

IndieLisboa has given a free hand to the French filmmaking duo Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel to appoint a film-influence, but which "will be a show that intertwines, computer games, music and cinema."

This performance / music video game is the result of an invitation made by two of the Totorro band musicians to two 'accomplices' to honor and above all to put their sonorous and musical eyes on the world of video games. It is not a movie concert, but a 'game-concert', around the pioneer game 'Another World', which impacted an entire generation.

The fantastic Oklou and Krampf have created and recorded together a musical video game, an immersive experience regarding the interaction between sound and narration. In this live show, the game becomes a real instrument, Oklou sings, leading us on a dreamlike journey where all the sounds are made of electronic music. (source:

This performance results from a partnership with the IndieLisboa Film Festival 2019.

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