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Fast Talks: 07.03.2019, Thursday | 6pm

"We believe in the concept of ecosystem, we coexist in a relationship of interdependency and that's why we talk about sustainability, based on its fundamental pillars: environmental, social, cultural and economic".

The proposal expressed by Brazilian fashion designer Flávia Aranha summarizes the global awareness that remains urgent in the debate when it comes to fashion. Flávia Aranha was invited to take part in the FAST TALKS, which focus on Fashion and Experiences. It is this debate that allows us to exchange ideas, collect testimonials, cross experiences and reflect on the challenges that designers, creatives and all those involved in fashion should aspire to maintain in order to understand the dynamics and audiences in the future.

For this edition, MODALISBOA INSIGHT suggests the debate FAST TALKS - FASHION AND EXPERIENCES, inviting four national and internationally recognized practitioners. They will discuss the importance of their experience in the conception and the creation of fashion or fashion brands. Catherine da Silveira, Flávia Aranha, Julien da Costa, and Miguel Bento will be moderated by creative Joana Barrios, in the recently opened Carpintarias de São Lázaro on March 7 at 6pm.

Catherine da Silveira teaches Luxury and Fashion Marketing and Brand Management at the Nova School of Business & Economics in Lisbon and is a board member of Ach Brito SA.

Flávia Aranha, is a Brazilian designer who opened her first store in Lisbon later in 2018 whose focus of her homonymous brand is natural dyeing.

Julien da Costa is a fashion reporter and works with director Loïc Prigent on several fashion programs on French national television. He has a wide experience on creating video contents for Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi.

Miguel Bento, Portuguese set designer living in London, has collaborated with renowned photographers and brands such as Chanel, Nike, Mulberry, Hermés, Adidas, McQueen and Salvatore Ferragamo.

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