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FEA :: Festival dos Espaços dos Artistas de Lisboa

Festival :: FEA 2019

14. - 18.05.2019 | tuesday to saturday

FEA, Festival dos Espaços dos Artistas de Lisboa, is an artist-run festival focused on artists' spaces. Independent spaces, artists' studios and artist-run-spaces spread all over Lisbon's urban area open simultaneously during FEA with unpublished exhibition projects, events and performances.

FEA is a project created to encourage artistic autonomy and the renewal within the art system in a collaborative and reciprocal way.

FEA has the ambition of enhancing Lisbon's artistic and cultural scene, creating a network capable of giving back to public and critics a map of the daily active energies in the territory; a mapping covering not only institutional spaces and private galleries but all the places where art happens every day.

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