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These are the Capintarias' programming vectors for which proposals may be submitted:

That time of the month

It happens once a month and focuses on disruption, marking the territory of performing arts and vanguard intersections of Carpintarias. This cycle includes works dedicated to exploring new frontiers or vanguards in creation, presentation, or attitude, within the performing arts. Works that symbolize the effort and ability to go overcome comfort and convention zones. This is a segment for artistic creation that promotes disciplinary crossovers between music, performance, dance, theatre, scenography, and multimedia.


For the eyes but not only

Works by artists which, through their creation in the Visual Arts, bring themes that interest us all as well as opportunities for intersection with other artistic areas, including knowledge, through debate.

Vanguard musical cycles

Starting from a work of research, association, and composition, thematic music cycles explore creative crossings, as for example between the acoustic and the electronic, the ancient and the contemporary, the fusion, among others. It's also about the opportunity to explore musical creation alongside performance or moving images.​

The partners

Selection and accommodation of third-party proposals, in various artistic expressions which, even in more conventional formats, bring novelty and artistic quality. Carpintarias contributes to the interpretation of space, in promotion and production. 

We would like to add

Conferences, debates, seminars concerning innovation and sustainability, ethics of the XXI century, historical contexts and their reconciliation, the digital society, and the un-relationships, new economic models, architecture and life, or issues related to other ways of life and society.

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