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CONCERT: Hugo Vasco Reis & Drumming GP

Saturday, 02.03. 

Two sessions at 6.00pm and at 7.30pm

On March 2, at 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., the Carpintarias will host two sessions of the concert presenting the composition created by composer Hugo Vasco Reis for the video pieces in Pedro Vaz's exhibition "Num Único Acorde", which will be performed by the percussion group Drumming GP.

Hugo Vasco Reis (Lisbon, 1981) is a composer and researcher living in Zurich and Porto. His artistic practice extends to acoustic music, electroacoustic music and sound installations. He collaborates with musicians and visual artists, who regularly present his works throughout Europe.

He has published seven monographic albums which have been nominated by SPA and GDA for best classical music work. His pieces have been awarded prizes or selected in various national and international competitions.

His recent compositions include an investigation into audible phenomena in an anthropogenic sonic space, addressing agencies of listening and mediation, with the aim of including apparently silent noises in artistic practice.

Aimed at contemporary music and with its doors open to all sound worlds, the Drumming Percussion Group, founded and directed by Miquel Bernat, a percussionist and pedagogue of international prestige, has established itself as one of the most important groups of its kind at international level since its inception in 1999.

Drumming GP challenges sonic innovation by proposing shows of a diverse nature, underpinned by their aesthetic coherence and poetic unity that unite music with scenery and other forms of art, with the aim of unsettling audiences and creating new types of concert, always with a very solid narrative. The group travels from classical percussion to jazz, electronics and rock and also tries to develop stage music for theater, opera and ballet. Its constant creative activity also includes didactic-pedagogical and social aspects.

This work was developed with the support of DGARTES.

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