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O U R   S P A C E

The first calling card of a cultural center is its own space. Therefore, it must be designed to be coherent, functional, and captivating enough to create the desire to stay or repeat a visit.

This notion ended up influencing the way in which the various spaces were assigned to their functions and the way they were distributed, allowing a circulation circuit through space, favoring an experience of continuous discovery.

This experience ends up being prolonged and repeated by the ease with which the entire space changes its identity, in line with the change of programming and the events that follow.



The main floor has a ceiling height of 7m and large panes with square windows, municipal heritage with a clearly industrial appearance, which marks the experience of the public in a space that with its 500 m2 can accommodate various programming areas from the Visual Arts, to Music, Theater and Dance, Performance, for audiences of 80 to 800 people, as well as enabling events with companies and other organizations.

This floor is equipped with a rigging system that allows the suspension of lighting and sound systems, as well as the possibility to flexibly format the space in the most suitable way, suspending professional theater curtains, thus visually and acoustically isolating smaller spaces that may serve different programming formats.



A second space can be found on Floor -1. With its 300m2 and 4.5m in height serves the centre's needs for rehearsals, workspaces, artistic residencies, educational activities, as well as smaller presentations and projects in the Visual Arts and Performing Arts, or more intimate concerts.




This space of large glass panes open to the exterior on one side and with a panoramic view of Floor 0 on the other, results in a kind of visual viaduct between the exterior view of Graça's hill and the creative universes present in the exhibitions and in the shows that take place on Floor 0.


It is in this panoramic area that the kitchen-atelier for creative gastronomy projects will be implemented.


With a magnificent view over this area's heart which includes Mouraria, Penha de França as well as the hills of Graça and the Castle, this large terrace is an ideal place to enjoy Carpintarias' outdoor world.


In 2021 it opened with a new leisure area, with food and a panoramic terrace: the Miradouro de Baixo. 

This space will also have its own programme and where the work developed with local communities will be privileged.



The Store is a long gallery with windows and a door to the street and adjoins to the main entrance to the Centre. It is designed to be, a showcase of the “world” that awaits visitors inside the space.


In there, the public will be able to buy tickets for the various shows, find editions of CDs, DVDs, catalogues, books and publications, design objects and other contents, produced by Carpintarias de São Lázaro as a result of its programming or a thematic selection.

The opening is scheduled for the end of 2022.

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