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CSL - Centro Cultural associates with Purga for a contamination in lightning mode, in an exercise of creative freedom and necessarily, as is our prerogative, in a perspective of intersection and co-creation. It is not a collective of visual artists, nor a performance festival, or even a series of concerts. It is overlapping lines of all these artistic influences in an intrinsic dialogue with the architecture and the spirit of Carpintarias.
Estudo do Meio is a showcase of talents of a new generation, some already known, and others not so well known, that now have the possibility to be noticed on a new scale.


What do the compass, the mammalian reproductive system, and the properties of minerals have in common? In the first experience of interdisciplinarity that the school offers us, a horizontal place to exist. We learn that things have their workings interconnected, independent in their interdependence, and that we are a horizontal part of things.
We propose to this artistic environment that we inhabit a meeting at the center, in that origin of things condensed and contaminated to each other, in a two-day program in which we are free to cross our practices with those of our colleagues, seeking the utopian harmony of a school discipline.

A Purga, Rudi Brito and Isabel Cordovil's independent curatorial project, has been active in organizing exhibitions, starting in vacant apartments in Vila Luz and now expanding to other spaces and other challenges."
With the artists António Poppe, Inês Raposo, Fernando Travassos, Henrique Pavão, Pedro Gomes, Tropa Macaca, Sandra de Matos, David Leal, João Gil, Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Cláudia Guerreiro, João Pimenta Gomes, Elizabeth Prentis, Ema Gaspar, Mané Pacheco, Sara Graça, Guilherme Curado, Isabel Cordovil, António Júlio Duarte, Rui Gueifão, Vasco Alves, Rudi Brito, Diogo Bolota and João Dória.

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