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IMAGO LISBOA Photo Festival | Distúrbios/Disturbances

06 October — 06 November
Opening: 10pm — 12am

The IMAGO LISBON Photo Festival is a landmark event in the national and international photography panorama.

In 2022, the 4th edition of Imago Lisboa gravitates around the idea of Disorders. This concept is quite comprehensive and can be explored in multiple directions.
And it is for the fourth consecutive year that Carpintarias de São Lázaro maintains its partnership with the IMAGO LISBOA Photo Festival, now presenting a nucleus, which, within the current concept of the festival, focuses on social and domestic violence, food waste and the theatricality of fears and mental disorders.
There are many examples of possible approach, study and reflection. At Carpintarias de São Lázaro six artists present their vision:


With Isolation, FLÁVIO ANDRADE invites the observer to performative actions, whose action takes place during the confinement period of the recent pandemic. The stage for the actions is the room where his grandfather died, which gives an added emotional tone, since he was a very dear relative of the author.
With He Threw the Last Punch Too Hard by HANNAH KOZAK we face domestic violence. The artist was abandoned by her mother, who left the family to join a new partner. This relationship proved to be very violent and resulted in a severe brain injury that left her mother permanently disabled. Later the artist returns to her, whom she barely knew, and constructs the present narrative.
Social violence is expressed in three projects of a documentary nature. SMITA SHARMA through Domestic servitude trafficking in India reveals the life stories of survivors of human trafficking in India, whose victims are predominantly teenage girls. VLAD SOKHIN confronts the violence against women in Papua New Guinea. TARIQ ZAIDI penetrates the darkest and most violent side of Salvadorian society, revealing extreme violence between rival gangs. Finally, FILIPPO ZAMBON carries out the Into the Bin project which uncovers tons of food waste deposited in supermarket bins and which could feed the needy. With this new edition, Imago Lisboa brings together a diverse set of renowned authors who contribute to an observation, denunciation and reflection around the proposed theme.

The IMAGO LISBOA - Photo Festival is organised by Cedilhas e Legendas - a non-profit cultural association. A group of people that has in the visual arts, and particularly in photography, its tool for cultural militancy. With distinct paths in the cultural area, the common interest for images brought us together and awakened the will to move forward with this project.

Direction: Rui Prata, Sónia Galiza, Luísa Ferreira

Artistic coordination: Rui Prata

Executive Production: Denise Cunha silva

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