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bela_adormecida(como)dormirsemalmofada :: Diana de Sousa

24 hours Performance

June 18 at 7pm
until June 19 at 7pm

"This is a 24 hour performance installation, where several women in a gallery will represent the sleeping beauty, inviting everyone to see her. Within these 24 hours there will be other performances that will take place by appointment, but without a scheduled end:

BA_05 - 7pm
BA_06 - 2am
BA_05 - 12pm
BA_06 - 4pm

hoping to be a girl still
hoping to be a woman yet
hoping to be seen
wishing not to be looked at
waiting for him to come and get her
waiting to leave the service
waiting to be of no use
for nothing

bela_adormecida, developed by Diana de Sousa, is the name that encompasses the creation of shows and performances with the same theme, explored in different formats, methods and relationships with the audience.

bela_adormecida conjugates the tale of popular tradition and its insidious connection with somnophilia, calling upon other literary references, but also devices evoking protocols of submission and domination. As "Sleeping Beauty" is an extraordinarily polysemic tale, we seek the marks of female maturation in a context of enchantment and eroticism. An association that serves to summon the relationship of established powers (traditionally, patriarchal), with the prevailing (traditionally, phallic) surveillance culture, and that focuses on how art and technology ("surveillance art") can serve to dismantle, unmask, and subvert. Evoking an aura of fragility, exposure, perversion and voyeurism, they interrogate the ways in which power is established, and how it is negotiated, between who's watching and who is being watched, between the guest and the sleeping beauty."

Diana Sousa


Concept and artistic direction
Diana de Sousa

Andresa Soares
Joana Petiz
Rita Só
Vânia Rovisco
Constança de Jesus
Inês Cóias

Design and artistic support
Daniel Martins (AALTAR)

Plastic Arts
Diana Barra

Sound design
Cláudio Oliveira

Light design
Daniel Worm

Vasco Mendes

Catarina Freire

Administrative Production
Produção D'Fusão

Carpintarias de São Lázaro
Vast Vistas
Pico do Refúgio
Campus Paulo Cunha e Silva

Institutional Support
Portuguese Republic - Culture / General Directorate of Arts

Age group | over 16

bela_dormecida is part of the programming vector That time of the month by Carpintarias de São Lázaro.

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