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Music, Media, Performing Arts and Web3 Festival

12th November
4pm - 4am

Concrete Jazz is a music, media, performing arts and web3 festival produced in partnership with Jazz DAO & Carpintarias de São Lázaro.

12 hours | 3 floors | Live music | DJ sets | Live Visuals | Performing arts | Web3 talks | Food 

From its inception in May 2022, Jazz DAO held 14 events on the iconic Carpintarias de São Lázaro’s no less iconic rooftop aka Miradouro de Baixo. Panoramic sights of Mouraria have so far witnessed national and international artists from all walks of life perform. From more intimate Sunday and Saturday sessions, the unstoppable evolution of this project is now expanding over the 3 floors of Carpintarias de São Lázaro cultural centre. Our core concept of bringing together DJs, record collectors and musicians to catapult their potential to suborbital levels is now seeing a new and hopefully spectacular dawn.


Determined to encourage everyone to explore their vision of what jazz is, regardless of what this may be, The Jazz DAO is on a mission to support and connect some of the best up and coming acts currently emerging in this city and across the globe. 
We are the first Jazz collective built on Web3. We believe this technology will likely have a positive impact on creative industries overall. Our Web3 panel is designed to keep you informed and aware of this new disruptive evolution.     


Carpintarias de São Lázaro is a multidisciplinary, contemporary and open to the city cultural centre, pursuing integration through culture and knowledge. It intends to provide to the city of Lisbon a complementary program to the already existing cultural offer, through an ambitious and avant-garde approach, where creativity, innovation and multidisciplinary intersection bring people, communities and knowledge together.


We want to explore, deconstruct and sublime the stigmas associated with the genre into innovation, to provide an experience that is new and accessible to all. Concrete Jazz in a concrete building: come get some!

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