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We propose integration through culture, where creativity, innovation and multidisciplinary interssections create the opportunity to bring people, communities and knowledge together.


We promote culture and contemporary arts, from visual arts to music, from theater to dance, from cinema to the debate of primary themes and the gastronomy, in the heart of the Portuguese capital, in a historical area where, to the tradition of Lisbon's neighborhoods, was added a vibrant multi-cultural reality throughout the years.


Our programming is focused on various cultural fields, encouraging their interssection in a perspective of contamination and as a complementary offer to the city's current cultural offer, with the concern of being an understanding and comprehensive bridge between contemporary creation and a broad and diverse universe of people.


As we are a project under permanent construction, we also want to be with the artists at the different levels of development of their careers, so we use our artistic residencies as research and creation tools, whose offer and diversity will continue to develop over the coming years.


By working with the creators, producers and partners of excellence as we have been doing, we have a positive impact on the city's cultural life and help to reinforce Lisbon's presence in the main international cultural circuits.


O U R   V I S I O N

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