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UN TSUGI 雲継ぎ | Rafael Alvarez

by Rafael Alvarez | BODYBUILDERS & Plural_Companhia de Dança

04. - 05.06.2021 | 7pm

Tickets purchased at the entrance:
Regular ticket 10€
Reduced ticket 5€
(reduced tickets for people with disabilities and companion upon multi-purpose certificate presentation, for Fundação LIGA's clients and employees and for the school community of Escola Superior de Dança)

(tickets can be collected up to 2 hours before the performance; cash only)

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UN TSUGI (cloud of connections) summons the therapeutic practice shinrin-yoku - a Japanese expression for bath (shinrin) and forest (yoku), literally `bath of forest'. The choreographic and scenic device of the show symbolically and materially places the figure of the trees and the forest eco-system intelligence as a paradigm to think about the place and the role of the body - Ethical, ecological, poetic, political and aesthetic in a global climate emergency time. A reflection on the heritage and intelligence of trees, on community life and on the diversity and co-existence of human and non-human species.

This is a new contemporary dance performance by BODYBUILDERS | Rafael Alvarez & Plural_Companhia de Dança/Fundação LIGA, by the choreographer Rafael Alvarez. This show celebrates the 26 years of this company, pioneer in Portugal in the field of inclusive dance. It is the outcome of the collaborative work carried out by six performers, with and without disabilities, Plural's resident dancers, recently graduated dancers from Escola Superior de Dança, as well as invited artists.

This project's origin and title is inspired by 'kintsugi', a millenary and artisanal technique from Japan that consists in repairing and connecting broken pieces of ceramics through a golden alloy. The bodies that are summoned through the TSUGI project ( in Japanese: repair, connect, unite), are bodies of resilience, resistance, action, and connection. We do not intend to conceal the fragile nature that humanizes us, but rather celebrate, plant and reforest diversity and plurality. The challenge presented on stage is that of thinking the present and the sustainable future from the poetry of these "tree-bodies".

Artistic Direction, Choreography, Scenography and Costumes:
Rafael Alvarez

Co-creation and performance:
Cristina Tavares, Diana Niepce Bastos, Frederico Augusto, Inês Cardoso, Noeli Kikuchi, Rita Pinho

Noeli Kikuchi

Light Design and Technical Operation:
Guilherme Pompeu

Coordination and Production:
Rafael Alvarez | BODYBUILDERS

Production and Coordination Support Plural:
Cristina Passos | LIGA Foundation

Financial Management:
Sara Lamares

Press Office:
Mafalda Simões

Photography and Book:
Elisabeth Vieira Alvarez

Book Publishing Support:
Susana Paiva

Video Recording Show:
Bruno Canas

Graphic Design:
Paulo Guerreiro

BODYBUILDERS | Rafael Alvarez and Plural_Companhia de Dança/Fundação LIGA

School of Dance/IPL, Carpintarias de São Lázaro, Antena 2

Creation and Edition Support:
República Portuguesa - Culture / DGARTES

Accessibility and Safety Measures: For people with reduced mobility, CSL is equipped with a lift platform located at the entrance stairs and an elevator that accesses all floors. (


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