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IMAGO :: Lisboa Photo Festival | 1ª edição

Photofestival :: IMAGO LISBOA

1st Edition of the International Festival of Contemporary Photography | Novas Visões

11.10 - 17.10.2019

Specific programming and Guided Tours:

Sunday, 27.10 at 3pm - Visit with Rui Prata, artistic director of the IMAGO Festival

07.11 - Open Day for Schools (upon registration through the email: carpintarias(a)
17.11 at 12pm and 2:30pm - Visits with Rui Prata, part of the Lisbon Art Weekend programming.


Carpintarias de São Lázaro - Cultural Center hosts the exhibition "Novas Visões", included in the 1st edition of the international photography festival IMAGO LISBOA, which will be on display from October 10 until November 17.

This exhibition is part of the IMAGO Lisboa Photofestival, which will host exhibitions and events in several locations around the city. The festival aims to provide a regular photographic event in the city, which enhances the different photographic practices and to achieve national and international recognition.

"The nucleus of exhibitions gathered under "Novas Visões" seeks to bring to light some of the current discourses in photography. If the late 19th century is a period rich in photochemical processes, supports and experimentalism, the 21st century is rich in attitudes and languages, especially those generated by new technologies and post-modernity.

Imago Lisboa relies on the photographic device in order to provide a contribution to the reflection on the contemporary society. The participation and engagement of artists and citizens will allow an exchange of ideas and debates, which will certainly result in cultural enhancement for the participants. This group of exhibitions takes into account three essential aspects: to introduce contemporary authors of recognized internationally relevance, to promote increased recognition and international mobility of Portuguese artists. In addition, it aims to preserve memories and create new documentary records which will contribute to the development of citizenship, raising awareness about social asymmetries.
In this series, the viewer is faced with records related to documentary photography, which address contemporary issues: emigration, gender and color issues or fictional narratives; The installation device is also present, creating a more complex scenography. The appropriation and manipulation processes can also be found here.

"We are, therefore, in the presence of a diverse set of discourses that reveal to us the enormous potentiality and richness of the photographic device", as described by Rui Prata, Imago Festival's Artistic Director.
Alejandro Castellote, Nathalie Herschdorfer, Peggy Sue Amison and Rui Prata are the exhibition curators. They have also invited 12 international artists to show their work in "Novas Visões": Jon Cazenave; Malú Cabellos; Shen Chao-Liang; Jonathan Llense; Katrien de Blauwer; Virginie Rebetez; Laurance Rasti; Melanie Walker; Nydia Blas; Demetris Koilalous; Filippo Zambon; Liza Ambrossio.

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