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Performance | New Creation :: GESTUÁRIO II
INMUNE - Instituto da Mulher Negra em Portugal (Institute of the Black Woman in Portugal)

22.03.2019, Friday | 9:30pm

Tongueless voices can reach where the speaking tongue cannot. Singing without music reach where song cannot sound. Groundless feet reach where the earth is fertile, where the dead have always been present.
The site of pain on which to heal the wound is often unlikely. But overcoming pain is the utopian way to reach the other side. Who is able to listen? Who is able to scream? What is there to repair? Who won't last? What's left to dream?
O Instituto da Mulher Negra em Portugal - INMUNE, answers to BoCA's invitation and creates a spoken word performance around issues related to the emergence of this interseccional and anti-racist feminist entity, composed by black women.

Created by: Zia Soares
Performers: Alesa Herero, Denise Viana
Joacine Katar Moreira, Raquel Lima
Photography: Marlene Nobre
Graphic Design: Neusa Trovoada
Co-production: BoCA, INMUNE

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